Poetry Corner

Spring is coming there is no doubt

I just can’t wait to go out and about

When the snow melts and the roads are clear

We can go outdoors with little fear.

Oh but wait, when we exit our abode

We’re gonna find lotsa garbage by the road.

Why is this you may ask?

‘Cause people don’t clean up after their ass

Litter, litter everywhere, to see

Cups, bottles, paper… oh how could it be?

Do you litter your house like you litter the world?

Is it your practice to eat, then the garbage just hurl?

Pick up after yourself, or better yet don’t litter

Make this, your world, neat and better.

If we all just didn’t throw stuff around,

The grass would  be green, not McD., or Tim brown

putting your waste in a bin is not much trouble I’ve found


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