darkness part of the season

Well we’ve fallen back, so has my mood

Darkness falls, sooner than later.

I find I’ve failed again in a goal I had set

I lost my mother, before I could learn.

My stepmom was busy, with many upsets,

I grew under anger and unhappy times.

I married young, wanted a family of my own.

I thought I could do it, but I thought I’d have help,

I raised my children in a Christian home,

I prayed with them and for them, I thought I’d do OK

I stayed home to nurture and teach them the way,

But that wasn’t enough, when I myself was distraught.

Words, only words so many say, it injures the soul,

Leaves no marks on the body for others to see.

The soul unfortunately heals slowly, an eternity.

S0 time passes, wise Dr’s offer help to the inside

no one else sees, but it takes so long

sometimes brings me to my knees.

Winter brings darkness, cold and Some Holiday cheer

But to those who are sad, that sometimes is too much.

When so few understand how depression feels

And it isn’t easy to explain, when I don’t know myself.

So as I sit here trying to express,

I find that the words  come less and less.

I want to fix all of the mess

But I am not sure how, I guess.

I wish there was a wand I could wave,

that would explain all the brain waves

That I can’t give a cause, why I did,

some of the things I did.

How to explain them and make those hurt

understand my ordeal, so I could make it all better

help others to see how I feel, maybe then

they could understand and forgive!


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