What a beautiful time of year,

A time before Christmas to give Thanks and Cheer.

Leaves of many colours for us to enjoy,

Like the ‘coat of may colours’ worn by a little boy,

Thanks and praises, songs to sing to show Our Heavenly Father our Joy.

Days of crisp fresh mornings and clear starry nights.

A time to trim our gardens and prepare for twinkling lights.

Joy comes easy in days of bright sun and amazing colour,

Turkey and goodies , like pie made by our mother.

Mother Earth takes a break from growing

And soon ends our time of mowing

Fall winds bring colourful leaves  floating down,

Fall fairs come to our town.

Abundance is around us; so many things,

Choirs and everyone praises sing.

Children at school are in full swing at last,

Thankful for all the blessings from the bountiful past.

It is such a happy time of year,

A time for thoughtful reminiscing for all the good things so near,

A time to offer to God and our Fellow Man,

A helpful blessing of all that’s good in our land.


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