Angel needed

All I’ve ever wanted to be was “White Trailer Trash”!

Now my chance has arrived, all I need is the “Cash”.

Funny that here in Canada the Great.

Loans, mortgages, for mobile homes, the Banks will not make!

Though they make Profits, ‘hand over fist’.

For those who want affordable housing, you can only wish.

No money for ‘seniors, or low income folks

This to the Bank is only a joke.

So I have found the home of my dreams,

A two bedroom trailer, but not possible it seems.

So now what I need is an Angel, to support my dreams.

Who might take a chance to offer a mortgage or loan,

To help a single, senior lady buy a “Home”.

A place to find peace… to live out my days.

Where I own a place, where dogs and grandchildren can play.

On the grass, in the pond, in my spacious abode.

I have had an “angel” help me before.

I payed it all back and a little bit more.

So it is not charity I am looking for,

Just a chance to do what the BANKS abhor,

Buy a little piece of heaven here on earth.

Just to prove to myself I still have some worth!


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