Ruth my friend has left us all,
While she was here, we had a ball.
I tagged alone just for fun,
We travelled South, to enjoy the sun.
We went to Wingham, to visit my folks.
We laughed, we hugged,we told some jokes,
We’d go on drives, to nowhere specific,
Our times together, were always terrific.
Her jam was great, and quite a treat.
She baked peanut butter cookies,like her they were always sweet.
Oh sometimes she would be cranky,
But watch her close,she’d get into “Hanky Panky”.
To me she was my “Nudder Mudder”
And as time flew by I found no other.
So now she’s gone, another great friend,
Our hearts will heal,our souls will mend.
Our time on earth, will never seem like enough.
Our heart’s healing time…well it will be tough.
So,- so long Ruthie, ’til we meet again,
I hope by then our hearts’ will mend.

To my good Friend Ruth Armbruster.

Today was Ruth’s funeral, this is what I said. I will miss her!


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