They Agreed To Die Early If They Could Have ‘The Perfect Body.’ Yep, Die.

Well I read this headline and almost tossed my cookies, yes I had a plate of cookies in my hand and almost lost all of them. Seriously, I’m kidding, no cookies, but are ‘they’ would actually die early, if they could have the perfect body. I had the perfect body, for me, I was 13! Since then I have ‘blossomed’ to the Full-figure woman I am today. Would I like to be thinner,well sure, but what does one have to do to get to your ideal weight. More importantly, what is an ideal weight, well for me right now it is what it is. I could lose 100 lbs. and be healthier, would I be happier? who knows? Would people look at me differently? Oh well that I know and the answer is yes!

I have been to a lot of classes, for self-Esteem, sessions for depression, weight loss, how to start a business, how to run your business, health classes, you name it! What have I learned? One thing is to STOP ‘shoulding’ on myself, I should have done this, I should have known that, I could’ve done it differently, I should have left sooner, I shouldn’t have let that happen, well here I am now, with all my should all over me. I see people on diets and see all the plans, pills, exercises, and I think I am a failure. I gained so much weight during a long period of unhappiness, trying to please others, and just losing myself. If I could do it all again, what would I do? Well if you start over, what happens to your past, your children, your experiences, your life as you know it. There are no guarantees that your life would end any better,and may be it would be worse.

If I could be thin again, would I give up four children, my happy moments, with friends, family times. Nope I don’t think so. Life is what it is, some good, but some bad, and we only get this one life, and good or bad it is what it is. Being a BBW is not the worst thing that could happen to you, and it is not the worst for me either. People see what they want to see anyway, and if all you see of me is my body size then you lose, you lose a good friend, a caring lady, a loving friend and a fun person to hang out with. Not my lose, but yours.

I saw the Sports Illustrated “Plus Size Model’ HUH? She looks like average size to most of us. Stop reading and watching all the skinny models, photo shopped magazines, and start looking at real people,You will feel better about yourself I guarantee. We would all do well to start feeling ok with our bodies, kinda like men do ladies, and working on how others treat us, and what we have to offer others.

Be the best of who you are NOW, and try and do better in the future.

And that folks is how I really feel about this. Hugs


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