Convertible weather??

Well I had to go out today. I thought about taking the bus, but it would take hours, so I decided to take my convertible, (that’s my mobility scooter)so I bundled up and set off. Too bad all sidewalks aren’t cleaned off, but so it goes. Twenty minutes later, I reach the lab, no one waiting, so I get right in. Two stabs, 1st one hit a dry well, and I am done. Off to the $ store 🙂 I get a lot of stuff for my friends in Cuba. I have been to the same resort 5 times, so lots of lovely people to give stuff to. Can’t wait!! It started to snow so I got a sub for a treat for supper and headed home. My it is nice to be greeted by my little guy Charlie, he barks, waits for me to back the scooter in then jumps all over me, checks out my purchases and gets a treat, much like a child would do. I am starving, so we share the sub and that is my day today.

Getting out is the best medicine, just too hard in the cold and snow. AH but soon it will be spring, Right? Right!

Well that is how I really feel today.


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