A sunny Monday in a snowy Canada.

Well the kids should be home sometime today, don’t know when, funny how they never tell me details when I am puppy sitting. I guess they feel I don’t need details, after all I am Always home. Lots of snow last night, 4-5 inches I would say. Sunny and bright today, a definite improvement over dreary and brown. Well we did have some comments about drivers in the snow. Well now that’s a subject I can get my teeth into. What the hell happens to some Canadians when it snows? Yes you need to slow down, leave some space, and keep your wits about you. If you can’t drive in bad weather, stay home.

Depression is easier when the sun shines. When you can’t go out because of mobility issues, or too cold, windy, or whatever, you are trapped in. No retail therapy today, so TV and my favourite friend my computer. my dog and food is all I have. Today, I await a message from my daughter, so I know when they will be on the road. I don’t know if they will pick up the dog today,or what? Oh well I got nothin’ else to do.

The dogs were fun this morning the snow was up to Charlies tummy, so he opted for a little jaunt under the swing. Lilly who is much bigger, went out knee deep in snow, wandered around for awhile, stuck her nose in the snow and then shook and came in. Fun to watch them play in the snow. Charlie ventured out further later in the morn. then he comes in and digs a hole into the blankets on the couch to get warm.

Well that’s how I feel today. Only 22 days ’til Cuba. YEAH!


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