OH Shit

Well that is how I really feel today!  It has been dreary for too long, yet again.  We get a little hint of warmth and sun and then it is gone.  I only wish I could run away. preferably with a kind man who is not scared to have some fun.  I am alone too much and I eat when I am alone, or lonely, or happy, or sad, or bored, sometimes even when I am hungry.  Well that is another topic, for another day. 

Where is this global warming I keep being told about?  Has it gotten warmer, well I hear it has gone up a degree or something like that, big deal.  If we can’t adapt to a degree a year change in temp, then maybe we need to be extinct.  I personally think, there are more important things to worry about.  Like the amount of garbage people toss around the planet.  bottled Water are you kidding me?  We have the cleanest water on the planet here in North America, we have filters to clean out any taste we don’t like.   So why are we paying twice for a relatively cheap commodity?  Hey I am so old I remember when water and air where free.  I once had to pay a $1.00 for air for my tires…  Seriously !!!! are you kidding me?   Garages have compressed air, why do they need to charge for about 5 seconds of compressed air.  Maybe the good will offered to people would encourage them to come back, that is called good business sense. 

Whoa, we have gotten to be germaphobes,well some of you have.  Not me, I cringe when I see the towel dispenser that is being sold so you get a clean towel every time, how green is that?  A soap dispenser that you don’t  need to touch, DUH, you touch the top of the dispenser to dispense soap you are going to use to WASH YOUR HANDS, get it? you wash off the germs. OMG I must say if we let a few germs live they would make us healthier. 

Hey I heard a really great idea to help everyone in Canada and boost the economy.  We all have bought a lottery ticket, right?  we all didn’t win, correct.  Well that money has not done what it was supposed to do, go to healthcare, roads and schools.  Does anyone know how much money has gone into those Lotteries?  Well all I know is that if we took the $50 million, dollars from ONE lottery, gave each and every Canadian,  33 million I believe,  one million dollars that would certainly help the economy.   then the winner could still get 17 million, still more than any one person needs.   Now that is the best idea yet.   Most people would buy a new car that would make jobs, help the car companies, more houses would be sold, lots of money into the pockets of the businesses.  Lots of older folks could and would retire, making more jobs for those who need to work and are young. 

Lots of us would have enough money so we would not be a drain on the economy.  And who knows maybe more business would be formed.  Well there ya go I have solved that issue.  Now next the deficit.

Well that is how I really feel.


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