How come travel expenses don’t jive?

I just got an email from a travel agency, they had a deal for me.  Sounds good – right?  $174.  for a flight to Europe.   That would be $348. return, then there are some airport fees, how much are they, because the total is now $875.     How does that happen, taxes at 13% is $45.24, now we are up to $393.24.   Well I guess the Other hidden charges of $581.76 which is more than the cost of the trip can be justified somewhere, but not by me.  I guess each passenger has to pay for his/her share of the gas, I suppose that is only fair too eh? 

I wish when they offer these “deals” on line they could explain the total cost to me.  I find it funny… NOT…  that the Bargains they offer end up costing almost 8 times the quoted price.  Wouldn’t you like to know what you are paying for and how it is divied up?  I would, not that I can afford any of these Bargains.

Well this is my issue for the day and that is how I really feel.


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