Birthday thoughts

Well it was my 62nd birthday on Friday, had lots of nice greetings and my wonderful daughter had me over for supper.  Wow it was great, my best friend Rita was there, my boys dropped in with their children, and Steph was there.  It was very nice and sure made me feel great. 

Now being 62 is OK I am not concerned about getting old, as a matter of fact I am waiting, not so patiently for 65.  I could use the raise in  

I am going out for lunch and supper on Sunday, then we go dancing.  It is a really fun time.  We dance, laugh and talk… all good things.

I still can’t wait for spring, hope it actually comes soon.  I love the sun and the warmth it brings. 

I have had a bad month depression wise.  Not sure why!  Just no motivation or joy to be found.  The ups and downs of this illness can take a toll on you.  Anyone who has depression, and more and more people are succumbing to stress and mental illnesses in this time of unrest and unsurity.

Well we get to choose another leader? in a couple of months or less.  Out with one overspending, liar and in with a new one.  I would like to have a shot at balancing the Budget.  I sure seem to be able to do it with my own.   But then again who wants to live like I do?  Maybe we need to get someone in Govt. who doesn’t have a silver spoon in his A.. mouth.  If the ‘leaders’ of our country earned what most of us do, had to live on a budget that did not include months off,  with pay and had to pay for what they got.  Maybe we could all rest better. 

and that is how I really feel.


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