This may sound uncaring, but I cannot help but wonder

why we have money to send to Tragedies, in other

countries but no money to help our own.?  It is so sad to

hear about the Tsunami in Japan and the destruction


But one cannot help but wonder where is the money

to help those in our own country, Seniors, those without

work pensions are barely making it.  They must pay for

many of their drugs, or at least $100. per year copay.  Dental

coverage, dentures, hearing aids and glasses are not covered, now

think about Quality of life.  As you age these are the

very things you will need and yet there is no help to cover

the cost to low income seniors. 

compassion and helping others is great and we all should

do what we can….  but are we obligated to help those who

do not respect us, do not work hard to help make this

great country – we call home? 

We like to send out troops to die in wars others have

started and do not know how to end.  We sell our gas, oil,

produce, and water to others cheaper than we do to Canadians

We allow people to come to our Blessed country, who do

not respect us, our laws, Beliefs and our traditions.

We change all for those who seek refuge here, why do we

allow this?  This is OUR Country and we welcome those

who wish to come here and Blend in, not come here to

change what we have worked so hard to have.  We used

to be a Loved country of Peace makers and welcome

visitors in other countries, will we soon be like our American

neighbours, not so welcome?  Well there is little I can do

about this, only speak out, as I have.  Let us hope that

we do not regret our choices in the near future.

And that is how I really feel.


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