Dress to impress?

I am old fashioned and I do not understand some forms of dress, do you ever wonder if some people own a mirror or take the time to look in a mirror? 

I was at a job fair one day and while waiting for someone I took to apply for a job, I watched as people went in .  I love people watching it is so entertaining and educational.  So as I sat in my car  I watched applicants go into the building and I noted how long they took to drop off a resume.  If they were dressed well, men shirts with collars and a dress pant or very nice dark wash jeans, no holes, and not falling off, would be gone for quite a while.  While those who had their PJ’s on or ripped and faded jeans, sloppy running shoes and T shirts with writing on them, where out in only minutes.  I also noted some people felt it not necessary to comb hair, brush teeth or just make an effort, were quick to exit job fair building. 

Now I realize this may sound petty, but I do know from past experience, that employers want people who are willing to work and look like they understand the concept of caring.  Whether it be your job,your appearance or just your self respect.  It used to be you had about 5 minutes to make a first impression that has been reduced to seconds.  Your appearance and your hand shake.

I know times have changed I just think that employers are still looking for productive, hard working employees.  I think that the way you present yourself is a reflection of your standards and work ethic.  I realize some people do not think this is important,  I do. 

And this is how I really feel.


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