March 4th

Well today is one of my best friends birthdays, she is old enough to know better and too young to care. !     I have my granddaughter this morning and that is always a joy.  Sooo much energy and so many hugs, and smiles, it is almost overwhelming.   

On another note What is with some commercials?  I know they need to get our attention one of two ways,  interesting, and annoying.  Is it just me or do most of them go for the annoying thing?  That commercial for “Taste the fresh, spoon the fresh and if you can’t reach the fresh, just ask for the fresh?  Really are you kidding me?  That is so annoying and it is on so many times, makes ya wanna watch more U.S. TV. 

I was sick on Tues. and Wed. Norwalk?  who knows,  Take care and be happy.  Hugs

And that’s how I really feel.


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