March 1st

Well today I feel pretty good, sun shining, at least for now.  March in like a lamb, oh oh that means out like a lion.  Well what else is new?  Today I just want to say yeah for sunshine.

Ok I do have a little thing that bugs me.  Really germs are part of life, ya gotta eat a peck of dirt before you die I was always told.  Now more   ideas come to light for those who are willing to buy crazy, wasteful ideas.  A pump for your hand soap that you don’t have to touch, Really, no seriously, Really.  Do you know that when you pump out your soap onto your hand  …  do you not then WASH Your Hands????   the germs on the pump are the very ones you are going to wash off…..    talk about a useless item.   Oh well not much worse than disposable hand towels.  REALLY ?????  No Seriously REALLY??  

And that is how I really feel   hugs bea


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